It‘s such a powerful feeling that rushes through your body when you listen to the sound of Verlen! Loud guitar riffs collide with breaking melodies and finally end up in a bitter sweet melancholy.

It took nearly four years until the fourth record - “Verlen” - was released. A CD so true, so real, so marvellous that one can hardly breathe. Twelve brand new noise-pop songs on side A are waiting to be discovered. Side B is filled with another twelve songs. These are four remixes of befriend musicians like Tommy Finke, Königin Mutter and Waktu Loopa and a collection of the best b-sides out of the past years.

With this latest Release - “Verlen” - a big thanks goes out to all those who once started with the “Days like yesterday”. To those who got caught by the “Beach Life”. To those who found themselves in the “Tour of the broken hearts”. And finally to those who were guided by the sounds and ideas of Verlen into a world of dreams, hope and future.